Mutatis Mutandis



Installation view

Devolution of the Deadly Spores by S.Mukai and W.Sweeney

Life on Mars by W.Sweeney

The Chatsworth Miasma 1 by W. Sweeney

Mutatis Mutandis was an exhibition of new work from Susumu Mukai & Will Sweeney held at Undercover Basement, the collaboration space inside the flagship store of the prestigious Japanese fashion brand by Jun Takahashi, Undercover. The main body of work was a collaboration based around a narrative involving a distant island overun by mutated plants and funghi. Also featured are several solo projects from the artists and a special collaboration with Jun Takahashi who created a 3D piece inspired by the drawings by S.Mukai and W.Sweeney. Limited Alakazam! x Undercover collaboration t-shirts were designed by Jun and Will, and were sold exclusively at Undercover Store.
9/11/2007 02:25:00 pm


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